There are many solar energy advantages, one of which is that it is a renewable resource.

Solar energy comes from the sun, and as long as the sun is around solar energy will still be available. Although we cannot always depend on the sun to provide solar energy due to cloudy days, rain storms, and nighttime, we can always plan on the sun being there sometimes to provide solar energy for everyone to use.

The solar energy system will also raise the value of your home. This is another one of the many solar energy advantages and will enable you to easily command a higher price for your home when you are ready to sell it.

Prospective buyers will recognize that a home with solar power system installed will cost them much less to operate each year, and that is worth a premium. It will also help your home sell faster, even in these tougher economic times as it can save the new homeowner much money each year by not having to pay the electric bill.

solar energy savingsUnlike oil, solar energy is a non-polluting source of energy. This is one of the most important solar energy advantages, since the planet will not be damaged by the use of sunlight as energy. Pollution results from burning oil, which can in return cause global warming due to increased greenhouse gases. Decreasing these gases and using clean fuel sources can keep the planet healthy for a longer period, making it a healthier place for everyone to live.

Solar energy has matured into a very viable alternative form of power in the last few decades and is used today in both commercial and residential environments to provide free power from the sun. The solar energy advantages are many, and today solar power is a renewable, reliable and clean way to generate power.

With recent improvements in technology, solar panels are much more efficient than systems available only a few years ago. This means that consumers can generate even more power for their home while spending less to implement a solution.

These improvements have come from decades of research into solar cell composition for scientific and commercial use. These benefits of solar energy research are now being applied to solar panels that can be used in consumer installations.

Solar energy can be use for water heating, cooking, drying, refrigeration, in fact, everything we use conventional electricity for. Of all the solar energy technologies, photovoltaic’s (PV) is the most efficient. Some of the main solar energy advantages are that working photovoltaic’s have no moving parts, are very simple in design, require little maintenance and of course are environmentally friendly.

Most would agree that it would be nice to get a check from the power company every month instead of a bill. If you have a grid-connected system that produces more power than you need, you may be able sell back power to the electric company.

solar power savingsSelling back power for profit is one of the biggest solar energy advantages. Even if your solar system never produces enough excess to sell back to the electric company, properly aligned system can make a significant dent in your monthly electric bill.

You can then accurately evaluate whether it works for you or not based on experience. If it fails to satisfy your requirements, you'll only be at a minimal loss and it won't cost much to remove the panels and switch back to your old power generation system. It will also make it easier for you to just add on more panels if the results meet your needs.

With these solar energy advantages and disadvantages in mind, one can hope to make an informed decision about utilizing this technology The number of people who plan to install solar panels in their homes has increased drastically over the last few years. This can be attributed to the many advantages that solar energy has over traditional energy sources.

The government, non-governmental organizations and green campaigners have also contributed greatly to the increased use and popularity of solar energy. The following are some solar energy advantages and disadvantages that everybody should know about.

There are also many rebates available to help you install a solar power system. These rebates will reduce the cost of solar power system and allow you to reap the benefits of solar energy sooner since your initial investment will be less.

This means that your equipment will be paid for sooner and allow you to enjoy your free power more quickly. In some cases, these rebates will pay for the entire system and allow you to pay off the grant with energy credits that are given to you as you produce power from the system. Solar energy advantages continue to be numerous, and must have for any homeowner.

Solar potential disadvantages are not so plentiful. In fact, there’s only one notable disadvantage to solar power that I can think of. That disadvantage is that the sun does not shine 24 hours a day.

When the sun goes down or is heavily shaded, solar PV panels stop producing electricity. If we need electricity at that time, we have to get it from some other source. In other words, we could not be 100% powered by solar panels. At the very least, we need batteries to store electricity produced by solar panels for use sometime later.

The powerful rays of the sun are strong enough to power machinery and this phenomenal discovery were made more than one hundred years ago when a man working on machinery had the bright idea to ask himself if the steam from the heat of the day could be used to power machinery.

His idea was very sound and thus began a new form of production, heat and electricity. Today we used solar power all around the world. The solar power is being concentrated into a solar source where the heat is used in a variety of ways.

We still rely on our way of heating and powering our homes because we do not know enough about solar energy advantages disadvantages. In the future as we educate ourselves, all homes will be powered by the sun.